Meal Plan Two

This meal plan has a lot of meat based dishes, which is the polar opposite of last week. I have also included some of my “back to basics” recipes to help you on your way to learn the basics of classic dishes. From learning the basics, you can you can further grow with your cooking […]

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The Science of A Good Burger
cheap and easy recipe

The science of a good burger has been written about A LOT! (Over 9 million results, according to Google) but after I clicked on a couple of articles, I still wasn’t finding what I wanted so here is my two cents on the topic… Firstly, the story of why I decided to write this post. I […]

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The Best Risotto Recipe!
Delicious creamy risotto

This is honestly, the best best risotto recipe! Why? Because I have made it so often and have never screwed it up! Also, because  I have made it so often, I know all the little tricks and can also go into autopilot with this meal now. I learnt to make risotto while I was the […]

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Pesto Chicken Pasta
Easy Cheap Meal

Pesto chicken pasta is one of my “go-to” meals when I either don’t want to cook or need something to eat really quickly! I actually made the meal before Alex and I went to meet some friends. We were both hungry but didn’t want to spend money on eating out so we made this quick and simple […]

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