Satay Mung Beans
A meal that calms all the doshas!

Mung beans do not sound appetizing. It’s probably because “mung” rhymes with “dung” hehe!   But name aside, these satay mung beans are actually a really creamy and wholesome dinner.   Another cool thing about mung beans is that they are very good for balancing the body. More specifically, if you are a follower of […]

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Pesto Hummus
Creamy Pesto Hummus

If you have been keeping track of what I have been doing, you will know that one of the ways that I’m dealing with cooking for one again is aiming for 5 small meals a day.   So far, I haven’t been the best at 5 small meals but I am AMAZINGLY good at eating 3 […]

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Cooking For One Sucks!
How to cook for one

Note about the picture: My fridge currently has a giant tub of yoghurt, more condiments than food and a collection of jars at the back that may be a bit suspicious….   This always comes as a surprise to people but about a month ago, Alex decided that he wanted to go back to Tofino to live/work. […]

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