Black Bean Quesadillas

If you are wondering why I haven’t posted a recipe in ages, the reason why is that I am hardly home!

Between packing up my apartment and moving in with a friend, driving back and forth between Tofino and catching up with friends before I move, life has really been chaotic! And then I decided that I am going to Arizona for 5 days and then starting my new job that day after I get back (sucker for punishment right there!)

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Things that I learn from Podcasts

My guilty pleasure is podcasts.


Listening to them while laying in my bed, watching the world go by outside… I cannot think of any better way to chill out! I also prefer podcasts over music while driving. Having someone telling me a story while I am driving through a beautiful landscape is like being on another planet. I am completely spellbound and the trips go so much faster! (Especially when going to visit Alex!)

After I have listened to the podcasts, I love sharing the select few facts that really engaged me!


  • Like for instance, did you know that Albert Einstein was a hopeless romantic and had a very troubled love life, even though he was a genius? Did you also know that he predicted entanglement** and it took 50 years before it would be proven correct?
    ** Entanglement is when 2 particles are completely separate but act as one without any communication. It’s not the best explanation of it but it’s enough.
  • In the song Sea of Love by The National, there is a harmonica riff in there that they “hid” from lead vocalist Matt Berninger because he had gone deaf in his left ear so couldn’t hear it in the final version of the song for the longest time.
  • Did you know that meteorite showers make sounds, if you are in a quiet enough place?

So many cool things, I cannot even comprehend it! The world that we live in is so special and it we will never fully understand it because it is fluid and ever changing.


If you are a podcast buff or are curious about them, here are my top 3:

  1. Conversations with Richard Fidler – Hands down, my favourite! Richard is such a great interviewer and gets amazing people to come on the show.
  2. Sound Exploder – If you love music and wonder how they made that song, this is the podcast for you! Comprehensive breakdowns of songs by the artists.
  3. 99% Invisible – About things in our lives that we take for granted but actually have a lot of engineering/science around them. For example, when the toothbrush changed from having a skinny handle to a thick, grippy one..


I love facts so I’ve started posting some of the food related facts on my Instagram so if you also like weird food facts like the one below, follow me at @olivialouisetalyor. I’ll keep you posted on the random facts that I acquire and if you have some of your own, please share! I want to learn from you too!


Have a great weekend, Olivia xx


P.S. I promise to post some recipes soon! Only 14 sleeps until I move to Tofino and have some routine again. You know… the little things… showering at decent times, eating before 10pm… and all that jazz!