Eggy Veggie Muffins

Sometimes you need a recipe that will satisfy you for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner!

A dish that ticks all the boxes and is easy to make, transport and eat without thinking too much. I would like to introduce my Eggy Veggie Muffins.


They are so good that I decided to make a little video to tell you all about them…




If you read one of my last posts, you know that I have quite a big sweet tooth and I love having my bliss balls on hand for when I am craving something sweet. Another thing that I love to have are these savoury muffins!




They are cheesy, full of vegetables and a great protein source to keep my blood sugar levels throughout the day. Key for when you are trying to keep your sweet tooth in check!


These little guys have been a life saver for me a couple of times when my life shifts into chaos mode (which happens more often than not!) Right now, I am balancing working some extra days at the cafe and I am also super stoked to be getting involved in the Tofino community to bring cooking classes to young people who live in the many resort staff accommodations!


I myself have lived in staff accommodation and although it’s a great way to meet people and live for cheap, the kitchen and cooking situation is usually pretty lacking. I am a nutritionist so I made good food a priority but not everyone has the knowledge to do the same for themselves, so I am working on a pilot project to give people the tools to look after themselves with some simple tricks and delicious but easy recipes.


Hope you are having a great week!

Olivia xx






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The Most Important Step for a Healthier Life

Have you tried my tips to eat more veggies? Are you struggling to still get them into your diet? Do you want to be healthier but keep going back to old habits?

If this is you then don’t worry because so many other people are like that as well. In fact, it is so easy to forget to eat your veggies because when you were busy, you go back to old habits and even though you know what you need to do, when you are hungry, you are going to grab at the closet food thing in sight!

So, in order to build new habits we need to plan a little bit. That is where meal planning comes in!

So what is meal planning you ask? Well it’s basically a breakdown of what you’re going to eat over a day, and/or a week! Now don’t worry we’re just gonna look at meal planning for a day and then you will get the idea for doing it for up to a week.


Step One: Figure Out WHEN You Eat?

There is no point planning for just breakfast, lunch and dinner if you get hungry at 10am and need a snack as well!

Think about when you eat and when you get hungry? What habits do you have?

For example: I start work at 6am but don’t get hungry to about 6:30am, so I bring breakfast to work with me. Then, around 10am, I get peckish and this is when I can engulf one of the croissants at work so I eat a small snack like a banana or one of my Basic Bliss Balls. If I’m on the opening shift, I finish work around 1pm so I go home to eat lunch but if I am doing the closing shift, I need to take food with me. Dinner is usually around 6pm because that is when I start snacking again.

As you can see from my example, I know when I am going to start making crappy food choices so I plan my food so that I can make better food choices when at a moment of weakness.


Step Two: WHAT Are You Going To Eat?

This is the fun part! I love eating and think a lot about what I am going to eat so I love this step!

Think about when you eat and what fits your schedule. Do you get hungry at work so need something easy to make? Do you have more time at home so can spend more time on food preparation? Are you a parent and need things that are “grab and go”?


For me, I can easily eat the same thing for the first part of my day, everyday! Because I know that it works for me but no everyone can or wants to do that. This is what my basic meal plan looks like:


5:40am – WAKE UP!

6:30am – Breakfast: Quick Oats with Soy Milk and Decaf Latte (12oz)

10am – Snack: Banana or Bliss Ball with Decaf Latte (120z)

1pm – Lunch: Veggie Soup or A Hearty Salad like this one or this one or Roasted Veggies

6pm – Dinner: A Hot Meal with a side salad, lately I’ve been making my Black Bean and Quinoa Chili

8pm – Tea: A cup of chamomile tea

9:30 – 10pm: BED TIME


Step 3: Make a List and Buy The Food 

This step sounds too simple but how many times have you gone to the grocery store with the intent of buying one or two things and buying ten other things instead, but still not the thing you originally wanted to get?

From your meal plan, figure out what food items you need, write them on a piece of paper or your phone and buy them so that you are not stuck later on with nothing to eat.

Another plus of making a list is that you are going to save money because you are only buying what is on the list, but also because you won’t be as tempted to eat out when hungry. Win-win!


When I first started this blog, it was with the idea of providing meal plans for everyone so if want some ideas for dinners, here are some great resources. 


Once you have finished reading this post today, make sure you sit down and look at your own eating habits. Do you want to eat healthier, then these tips will certainly help!

And if you feel they will help someone else, be sure to share this post with your friends. Just use the buttons on the left <<<<


If you sit down and are completely stumped then contact me and book a free 20 minute session! We can talk about meal planning and quickly make an awesome plan specifically for your needs.


Have a great week,

Olivia xx






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Black Bean and Quinoa Chili


This the kind of meal that I make when canned tomatoes and black beans are on sale.

Why? Because we already have too many cans in our cupboards but Alex insists on buying more!

I know! I know! First world problems!

Anyway… this meal is so easy but so flavourful! It keeps for days (if you don’t eat it all beforehand) and can also be frozen so you have some in stock in the freezer for busier days.

This bean bean and quinoa chili has certainly helped me out.

If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I just moved and I am eating out a bit more than I usually do. It is delicious, organic food from the conveniently located cafe down the road from me but I do prefer to eat at home.


Once I got settled, a made a giant pot of this chili and then proceeded to live off it for a couple of days, knowing that I was eating something nourishing with lots of veggies but also amazingly delicious! Looking for some other ways to eat more veggies, make sure to read this article as well.

So try it out for yourself and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Otherwise, let me know your favourite go-to meal when you are crazy busy?



Olivia xx






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How to Get Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

Kids and Vegetables, they just don’t go together that well but luckily, I have the wonderful Tegan Bissell from @Cooklikeadietitian to give us some tips for how to get the kiddies to eat their greens.

I am so excited about this collaboration! I found Tegan on Instagram and wanted to work with her straight away. Luckily for me, she accepted 🙂 If you don’t follow her on Instagram, I highly recommend it. Her photos are beautiful, she has informative but very funny posts and you can learn a lot from her little suggestions.

So I will pass this post over to Tegan….

Kids and veggies.  Two things you don’t usually find together, just at least not without some form of bribery or death threats!


Photo credit:
Photo credit:


I can remember an intense dislike of peas as a child, I had a trick where I would pretend to eat the peas to ap”peas”e my mother.  When my mom went to clear the table she would discover a cascade of peas rolling off the table and onto the floor and me escaping into my room!  Eventually, I realized peas weren’t all that bad, and neither were the majority of other vegetables.


As a Registered Dietitian, I now can’t get enough of the nourishment and unique array of flavors that vegetables provide to us, and laugh about the days when I would do anything to avoid eating them!

How to get your kids to eat more vegetables you ask?

Get them involved!

Kids have a natural desire to learn and be a part of everything around them.  In the countless cooking classes I have taught, I have watched the most veggie-resistant kid end up devouring their plate once they get a chance to do some of the cooking themselves.  Have them pick out a new veggie at the store.  Show they how to safely chop a vegetable.  Let them help you cook a veggie or mix a salad.  You might be surprised when they give it a try!

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!!!

Kids have to try a food at least 10 times before their taste buds can determine if they will actually like it or not.  If they’ve tried it once and hated it, that veggie is not necessarily done for.  Continue to serve them a variety of veggies on their plate and encourage them to at least take one bite.  If they do not want to eat it all, that’s their choice.  Even just serving it to them again may increase their comfort with that food.  It takes a little bit of patience, but don’t get discouraged, you may be surprised when one day they actually take a bite, then two, then start asking for asparagus 😉


Get creative with cooking vegetables in different ways.  If you tend to always boil or steam, the flavor may get a little bland after a while.  Try roasting, grilling, sautéing them in a stir-fry, or sneaking them into casseroles and mixed dishes.  Kids may find they dislike a veggie raw, but love it roasted!  Pair different colors of veggies together or with the other foods on the plate.  Nothing is more pleasing to the child’s eye than bright colors or shapes!

Take advantage of their caveman instincts.

Kids can usually recognize their hunger signals when their tummies growl, which can be satisfied by almost anything if they are hungry enough.  Keep precut vegetables and fruits available for snacks when they are hungry and save less healthy snacks for when they are full (like after dinner).  They will be more likely to try the vegetable snacks, and they will fill up on healthier foods more often.

If all else fails (but it won’t if you have patience, I promise), continue to model good habits by eating vegetables yourself.

Kids are walking sponges and learn through observation (monkey see, monkey do)!  So if you eat vegetables and demonstrate a positive relationship with those foods, your child will become more comfortable with these foods, and want to eat some too.  Eat dinner together as a family as often as possible; showcase those delicious veggies you prepared, and chow down like they are going out of style and the rest will fall into place!


Check out the kid-friendly veggie recipes below and let me know in the comments if there is anything that has worked with your family to help kids eat more vegetables!


Roasted Kale Chips

Kale Chips

Crispy Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas








Tegan Bissell



Tegan Bissell is a Registered Dietitian practicing outpatient nutrition counseling on the Treasure Coast of Florida. She specializes in diabetes, weight management and pediatric nutrition; cooking skills, advocating food as medicine, food sustainability, and inspiring people to take charge of their own health and wellness. She also enjoys healthy doses of dark chocolate, cheese and sangria. And can be found biking, beaching, visiting her home state of Vermont, cooking and taking pictures of her food for intstagram!




For more recipes and health tips, follow Tegan on Instagram @cooklikeadietitian!


Have a great week,

Olivia xx







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