Staying Present PLUS I’m taking a break

Hello lovelies,

If you have been following Olivia Louise Taylor dot com for a while then you know that I am pretty reliable to bring you weekly updates, as well as some pretty good content on Instagram and Facebook. 

Well… I was pretty reliable until March happened. March was the month were my brother came to visit and the reality of my extensive travel for 2017 was kicking in.

I was trying to balance doing the blog work (I’m a one woman show) and spending time with my brother. I was talking about all the things that I needed to do to him, to which he responded, “Are you even having fun with this? Why are you doing it?”


My first response was to be hurt. “Why am I doing this? Because I have a story to tell!” But in reality, he had hit a chord pretty hard with me because I had actually forgotten why I started the website in the beginning.


I wasn’t present in my life anymore. 


In fact, I would go as far to say that I didn’t even know what I liked personally anymore. I was working on the blog so much that my real life was a mystery to me, but my social media account looked great and I was getting more followers all the time. More followers equals more success… right?


Having this pointed out to my face make me feel pretty awful. I had lost touch with what I wanted for myself. So I just did the only thing that made sense to me, I took a step back. I stopped posting on Instagram twice a day, I stopped writing blog posts and I stopped checking my Facebook group as much. I stopped for one day, just to see how I would feel and after that one day, I couldn’t bring myself to even look at social media. I needed a break to become more present with my real life.


When you step away from social media, something funny happens.

You have SO much more time. And you realize how much time you have spent on social media (which was sickening for me.) Suddenly, I had more time for the things that I liked doing. I like reading. I like going on long aimless walks. I like cooking and I really like eating well so that I feel well. And the best thing, I had time to do it.


At the beginning, I was a bit stressed out. In my mind, I kept thinking that I “should” be doing something and keeping myself busy, like looking at my phone, but soon I realized that if I stopped for just a minute and took a real look at the world around me, it was much nicer to stop and look, rather than go, go, go! I took the time to sit outside, be present and watch the clouds, or just walk for the sake of being outside. I left my phone behind and enjoyed the freedom of being unreachable. I consciously made an effort to be more present. 


Even the clouds were loving the sun in Tofino yesterday . . Ps. It’s raining now ☔️

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Taking the time to do the things that I love also tied in perfectly with Alex and I about to leave Tofino. I made the time to go on lots of walks, meet up with friends and enjoy the chill life of living on the West Coast. Now we are just about to fly out to London in two days and although I mentioned in a post that I wanted to keep the blog posts coming while I was overseas, I now realize that I just want to have a holiday. In fact, I am not even bringing my computer over so no work for me at all! I want to be present for all of my trip and although there will be some photos posted on Instagram, it will only be so that my family can see where I am.


I’m signing off now for a couple of months, and I cannot wait! 

Have a great summer (or winter, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) ,

Olivia Louise Taylor