About Olivia

 Hey there, I’m Olivia. 


I’m an Australian Accredited Nutritionist. I went to The University of the Sunshine Coast for four years, graduating with a degree in Nutrition, plus a minor in Sustainability.

I learnt how food is broken down and used by different organs through my studies.  I learnt how to evaluate someone’s diet and  prescribe a detailed food plan for various different aliments. As well as learning about fad diets and how they can cause more harm than good over a long period of time.  

I became interested by nutrition because food has always been a big part of my life. Mainly because I love eating and feeling good.


I grew up on a sheep and cattle station in near the town of Cunnamulla and always had home cooked meals from my Mum. Even from an early age, I liked to cook, although it was mainly to make cakes and biscuits.  

After school, I ended up doing my degree in nutrition. After graduation, I worked for a couple of years in various different jobs and then in 2013, came to Canada for a working holiday.Travelling has really opened my eyes to food waste and single use plastics, and how to related to everyday nutrition. 

I  started this site because I wanted to help people with healthy eating.


With so much information on the internet about nutrition, people are confused on how to eat. I work with people of all ages to elevate this confusion.

I identify aspects of a person’s diet that need attention and gently introduce new habits so that they are easy to integrate for their long term goals. With most of my clients, they only need 1 or 2 sessions to get back on track because I offer solid information that results in long term change. 

Interested in a session but not sure if working online is for you? I offer free 20 minute consults to introduce myself.

You can find me on facebook, instagram or you can just email me.

Have a great day,

Olivia xx



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