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At oivialouisetaylor.com, my food philosophy is to eat well.

That means no superfoods, no gimmicks, just real food. Lasagna, salads, oats for breakfast, some chocolate in the evening. As long as it makes me feel good, I’m going to eat it. I eat really well 80% of the time, but allow for 20% of my diet to be indulgent. This is because I am a human being who likes to eat dessert and burritos from time to time.

Let me tell you a bit more about this space.

This is a place of common sense advice, mainly about nutritional topics as well as some other things that I am passionate about:

| Good health practises |

| Mental health and meditation |

| Community |

| Preventing food waste |

| Limiting the use of single use plastics |

| Exercising that feels fun |

| Enjoying food instead of over analyzing it to figure out if it is good for us or not |

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This isn’t a lose weight fast deal.
This is solid nutritional information that will give you the tools to make sustainable health choices for the rest of your life.

Aside from the blog, I also offer my services in the form of one-on-one consults and tailored nutritional programs.

These consults are 100% online so we can have a meeting while you are sitting comfy in your pyjamas!

Added bonus, I am a lot more flexible than a meet in person nutritionist, so you can easily schedule a session with me to suit your lifestyle. AND no commuting!

Not sure if I am the person for you? That’s ok! I offer free 20 minute clarity calls so you can figure out if I am the real deal. Either way, you are going to get some handy information so if you are interested, book with me here.

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So that is it about this space, but if you want to know more about me, then check out the links below.

About Olivia and Why I Became a Nutritionist

Happy Eating!


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