Beet and Feta Hash
Cheap and Easy Meal

I love chopping up vegetables, roasting them and then eating them with rice. I don’t know if it is just me but the simplicity, coupled with fresh flavours, just makes me feel happy. For this recipe, I roasted the beets to bring out their earthy flavour and then fried them with one rasher of bacon, […]

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About Olivia

Oh Hey There! I’m Olivia!  I’m an Australian Accredited Nutritionist. What does that mean? I means that I went to university for four years and learnt what real nutrition was over a space of four years. This is instead of getting a certification from doing some e-course on the internet. Food has always been a big […]

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What Does Meal Planning Even Mean?

What does meal planning mean to you? For me, it’s a way to organise meals but also save money, increase the amount of vegetable that I eat and be healthy. Life with Lists has started because every week, I do a grocery list for my boyfriend and I. Sounds simple enough but the difference is […]

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