I’m not going to lie, I love soup, especially creamy butternut squash soup! I love that you can use all the questionable vegetables in your fridge and bring them to life again in a warm and comforting elixir.

In Australia, a butternut squash is called a pumpkin. Most orange vegetables that resemble a pumpkin are called a pumpkin. That is just how we rooooll! After much frustration on Alex’s part, I called this recipe “Butternut Squash Soup,” but in my mind, it will always be pumpkin soup.



1 x small butternut squash or half of a larger one
Stock powder
1 x 400mL Can of Tomatoes
2 Tablespoons of Curry Powder
Sour Cream for Serving



  1. Cut and peel the squash, then cut into cubes. Once done, you want to have roughly 4 loose cups. If you have more or less, that isn’t a problem.
  2. Chop up the onion and fry in a large pot with some olive oil or butter
  3. Once transparent, add the squash and cook until the sides are golden
  4. Add the can of tomatoes, 2 cans of water (800 mL), then the stock powder (about 3 teaspoons) and curry powder.
  5. Leave them to cook on a low heat for 45-60 mins, or until the squash breaks easily with a fork.
  6. Blend the soup with an immersion blender (or transfer into a blender), until smooth and creamy.
  7. Serve with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of chili flakes.