How I do everything wrong
How I always do things wrong

Doing something wrong has such a negative connotation. If it is wrong, then it is bad, ugly, unwanted and therefore my dear friends, something that you wouldn’t want to do. So, what if I tell you that I do wrong things all the time? How would you react?   Even as I am writing this, […]

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Don’t try and make green juice with your bodum!
Being out in nature

Wow! This year has been hectic! I wrote in my calendar at the beginning of November that I was going to write Christmas cards to my family…. well it’s January and it still isn’t done….. Meh! At least the thought is there. If you haven’t gathered from the title, this post is about some of […]

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Surviving the Holiday Season!
Christmas Tree

This post shall give you tips and tricks to surviving the holiday season!   To be completely honest, this is my first really big holiday season! In past years, I have either worked during Christmas or haven’t worked for companies that have Christmas parties so I could never understand why people had to “survive.” Now I […]

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About Olivia

Oh Hey There! I’m Olivia!  I’m an Australian Accredited Nutritionist. What does that mean? I means that I went to university for four years and learnt what real nutrition was over a space of four years. This is instead of getting a certification from doing some e-course on the internet. Food has always been a big […]

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What Does Meal Planning Even Mean?

What does meal planning mean to you? For me, it’s a way to organise meals but also save money, increase the amount of vegetable that I eat and be healthy. Life with Lists has started because every week, I do a grocery list for my boyfriend and I. Sounds simple enough but the difference is […]

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