Chicken Lasagne
Cheesy Chicken Lasagne

Oh. My. Goodness! This chicken lasagne is amazing! And it wasn’t just me saying that, we had friends over when I made it and there was nothing left in the end because it was THAT good! There are a couple more steps to this bad boy, just because of the cheese sauce but it’s worth […]

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Chicken and Vegetable Alfredo

This Chicken and Vegetable Alfredo is really easy. Just cook some chicken and vegetables, add some sauce and pasta and you have a delicious meal which was quick to make but still packs a nutritional punch with all the vegetables.   You will notice that there are no photos for this post and that’s because […]

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Green Thai Curry
Cheap and easy meal

I love green thai curry! I think it is because of my time spent up in Darwin, which has the perfect blend of Australian and Asian cultures. Every Saturday, I would go to the local markets and there would be all sorts of goodies for sale. I generally got a vegetarian spring roll which was as […]

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Heart-Warming Chicken Stew
Cheap and Easy Meal

This stew with chicken, stock and zucchini is as simple as a stew can get! I made it in my slow cooker and it was so nice to come home and have the delicious smells coming from my kitchen. If you don’t have a slow cooker then don’t worry, this can easily be made in a […]

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Pesto Chicken Pasta
Easy Cheap Meal

Pesto chicken pasta is one of my “go-to” meals when I either don’t want to cook or need something to eat really quickly! I actually made the meal before Alex and I went to meet some friends. We were both hungry but didn’t want to spend money on eating out so we made this quick and simple […]

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