Meal Plan Four

Looking out to Meares Island in Tofino

I am visiting Tofino as you are reading this!


One of my favourite places in the world!


Surf, forest walks and of course, lots of delicious foods from the amazing restaurants here! Wolf in the Fog, SOBO, Tacofino, Wildside Grill… The list goes on!

The meal plan is a celebration of food!

Last week, I had lost my desire for cooking and food. It happens from time to time, I just don’t have the passion for the kitchen. Luckily, one of my friends suggested that we go for pho….


I had never had pho before, and if you haven’t had it either, it is a delicious beef broth with strips of beef cooked in the hot liquid and you can add fresh bean sprouts, basil and sauces of your choice to it to change the flavours to your preference.


After a week in a funk, this is just what I needed to get back into the groove of meal plans, cooking and getting these recipes out to you.


This will also be my last meal plan in this format. I’m still going to post them, because I love to share them with you but I will be scaling back on the detail just so that I can get them out every week. At the moment, the amount of work that goes into my posts, along with the time that I actually have, means that I cannot get them out at a reasonable time. And I want to get one to you every week! That’s the most important thing!

So, they won’t be as pretty and I will probably outsource some pictures from other websites but this is all a work in progress and one day, I shall be able to deliver all that I dream for this space! (And I dream a lot!!)


Meal Plan Four

Meal 1Meal 2Meal 3
What should I eat for dinner? This! Cheap and Easy Meal Chicken and Vegetable Alfredo
Vegetable Lasagne Roasted Vegetable PastiesChicken and Vegetable Alfredo
Meal 4Meal 5
Cheap and Easy MealCheap and Easy Meal
Savoury PancakesSimple Beef Pho



Cold Section

Cheddar Cheese (1)
Eggs (4)
Mozzarella Cheese (1)
Ricotta Cheese (1)


Freezer Section

Corn (4) **
Peas (2)
Puff Pastry (2)
Spinach (1)
Alfredo Sauce (3)
Beef Stock (5)


Canned and Dry Goods 

Lasagne Sheets (1)
Caramelised Onion Relish (2)
Corn Niblets (4) **
Creamed Corn x2 (4) **
Fish Sauce (5)
Rice Noodles (5)
Spaghetti (3)
Star Anise (5)
Tomato Paste x2 (1)



Chicken Breasts (3)
Steak, 500g (5)


Fresh Produce

Bean Sprouts (5)
Broccoli (3)
Carrot  (1)
Celery  (1)
Cilantro (5)
Fresh Ginger (5)
Mushrooms  (1)
Lime (5)
Red Pepper (4)
Sweet Potato (2)
Zucchini  (1)


Pantry Staples

Cinnamon Sticks (5)
Dried Rosemary (2)
Flour (4)
Olive Oil


**In recipe 4, you have 2 options on how to make the pancakes.


Click here for the printable version of the shopping list.

Meal Plan Three

A picture that I took while on my walk to work!

This week has been a tough week for me! I am excited because I am starting a blog for my friends, as well as really getting into hot yoga AND… I work full time on top of that! Life is really busy and I have a tendency to keep pushing myself harder and harder until I literally fall into bed and cannot get up again for a day, sometimes two.

This week was a bit of a friendly nudge that I can still do everything that I want, but I need to slow it down a bit. A reminder that if I don’t go to yoga for one night, then I will not lose all my flexibility in a day and that if a baking order doesn’t get done, then there is always tomorrow. Do you sometimes have those weeks as well?

When I am having a week where I am “too busy” for anything, my nutrition really slips. This is why I started making meal plans so that I didn’t resort to toast for dinner each night.  And this is also why I started this blog, so that I could maybe help out some other busy people like myself, so that they can at least get the fuel that they need to “go! go! go!”

There is a grilled cheese sandwich in this meal plan, just because I really was that busy that I planned for them (and they were delicious!) So I hope you enjoy these meals and remember, when everything is getting a bit too much; take a deep breathe and remember that tomorrow is a new day.


I’m super excited as I am going out of town to spend Christmas with Alex’s family, so it will be nice. Although also very cold as we are going to Edmonton….

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Olivia xx


Meal 1Meal 2Meal 3
Pizza Recipe Cheap and Easy Meal Cheap and Easy Recipe
Celebration Pizza Chicken StewZucchini Slice
Meal 4Meal 5
Cheap and easy meal Cheap and easy meal
Green Thai CurryGrilled Cheese



Cold Section
Bacon (3)
Cheese (3) (5)
Eggs (3)
Milk (3)


Freezer Section

Corn (3) **


Canned and Dry Goods
Canned Corn (3) **
Chicken Stock (4)
Coconut Milk (4)
Dry Yeast (1)
Fish Sauce (4)
Green Curry Paste (4)


Chicken Breasts (2)
Protein of choice for Green Thai Curry (4)


Fresh Produce
Potatoes x 2 (2)
Produce for Green Thai Curry (4)
Zucchini x 3 (2)(3)


Pantry Staples
All Purpose Flour (1)
Bread (5)
Olive Oil


Shopping List for Meal Plan Three

Meal Plan Two

This meal plan has a lot of meat based dishes, which is the polar opposite of last week. I have also included some of my “back to basics” recipes to help you on your way to learn the basics of classic dishes. From learning the basics, you can you can further grow with your cooking experiences and start to really tailor your meals to your needs.

Even though we had a lot of meat this week, I made sure that we were having an extra serving of vegetables. For me, if I eat a lot of meat, I feel heavy and a bit sluggish so if I have lots of vegetables, it counteracts the effects. I have often thought about becoming a vegetarian because of this, but the reason that I don’t is because I grew up on a sheep and cattle station and I feel it’s my birthright to support the meat industry, even if it is in a small way. I also want to add that the sheep and cattle on our farm are free range and completely grass fed! My Dad is one of the biggest animal lovers that I know, to the point where it is sometimes ridiculous (He won’t sell a cow because it’s one of his favourites) so I guess I have this niaveity that all meat is raised like that. I know it’s not the case and it makes me sad that it isn’t but I do try and be conscious of this when I buy meat.


Meal Plan Two

Meal 1Meal 2Meal 3
Cheap and Easy MealDelicious creamy risotto cheap and easy recipe
Pesto and Feta Baked EggsRisottoBurgers
Meal 4Meal 5
Easy Cheap Meal Easy and cheap meal
Pesto Chicken PastaSpaghetti and Meatballs



Cold Section
Butter (1)
Eggs (1)
Feta Cheese (1)
Option to buy frozen produce
of choice for meals.


Canned and Dry Goods

Arborio Rice (2)
Breadcrumbs (35)
Dry White Wine (2)
One jar of Pasta Sauce (5)
One jar of Pesto (1, 4)
Parmesan Cheese (2)
Thick Spaghetti (45)


1-2 Chicken Breast/s (4)
1kg Ground Beef (3, 5)

Fresh Produce
Onions (2)
Vegetables of choice to serve with meals


Pantry Staples

Dried Basil (5)
Dried Oregano (5)
Corn Starch (3, 5)
Salt and Pepper (3, 5)
Stock Powder (2)


Shopping List for Meal Plan Two

Meal Plan One

A Cheap and Easy Recipe Week

This weekend just flew! We had friends come stay from Vancouver and it was so good to see them again. It was crazy that I hadn’t seen them since January but I guess that is Island living, you don’t leave unless you really need to.

This week, the meal plan is primarily vegetarian as Alex and I feel like we need lots of veggies. If that doesn’t sound appealing, there is always the option to buy some meat and have it through the meals. On the plus side with this plan too, it was a cheap week! Most of the ingredients should already be in your cupboard and if not, they are not expensive to buy.

Meal Plan One

Meal 1Meal 2Meal 3
Bangers and MashCheap and Easy Meal Hearty Salad
Sausages and Mash PotatoBeet and Feta HashQuinoa and Carrot Salad
Meal 4Meal 5
Cheap and Easy Meal Hearty and Comforting Soup
Lemon Pepper Baked ChickenButternut Squash Soup




Cold Section
Butter (1)
Eggs (4)
Feta Cheese (2)
Milk (14)
Sour Cream (5)

Option to buy frozen produce
of choice for meals.

Canned and Dry Goods
400mL can of Chickpeas (3)
400mL can of Tomatoes (5)
Breadcrumbs (4)
Pumpkin Seeds (23)

Bacon (2)
Chicken Breasts (4)
Sausages (1)


Fresh Produce
Vegetables of Choice to Serve With Meal
1 Small Butternut Squash (5)
1 Onion (5)
3-4 Medium Carrots (3)
Green Onion (or Red) (3)
2-3 Medium Beets (2)
Spinach/Greens (2)
2 Limes (3)
2 Large Potatoes (1)

Pantry Staples

Curry Powder (3, 5)
Garlic Powder (1)
Lemon Pepper Seasoning (4)
Olive Oil (23, 4)
Quinoa (3)
Rice (2, 4)
Salt and Pepper (1)
Stock Powder (3, 5)



Shopping List for Meal Plan One