Hey There!

Want to work with me but want to know exactly what I do? 

I am an online nutritionist.

Which means that I went to university and got my degree, and then decided that instead of having a clinic where people have to travel to me, I would offer my services online.

This means that we can have a consult in the privacy of your own home! No commuting, no babysitters, no trying to get time off work.

How easy is that?


What is involved in a consult?

I offer a range of services to suit your needs. 

Clarity Calls

Not sure if I will be the right fit, or what to make sure that I am a legitimate person? Book a 20 minute clarity call with me. It is free! We can have a chat, figure out what your health goals and I can give you some advice on to achieve them. There is no obligation to work any further with me but you will get some awesome info, so win-win!

To book a clarity call, book here. 

Book an clarity call with Olivia Louise Taylor

Nutritional Consults

Do you just need a little help to get back on track? 

Book an hour consult with me. Before the session, I will get you to fill out an assessment so that I can really narrow in on your wants and needs. During our consult, we go through all aspects of your life; mindset, exercise, food ect and put in a plan to get you feeling fabulous again!

To book a nutritional consult with me, go here!

Book a nutritional consult with Olivia Taylor

Coming Soon – My 8 Week Program

Do you need a complete overhaul? Or just want the tools to make informed decisions?

My 8 week program is for you! During the program, I shall be your cheer squad, your angel on the shoulder  and most importantly, your guidance. Each week, there will be a new nutritional topic which we will cover. These topics will give you the ground work to empower yourself to make sustainable health choices for the rest of your life.  We will also be having weekly sessions for checking in and seeing how you are doing, what you need help with and best of all, celebrate your wins!

Just want to send me an email?