Meal Plan Three

A picture that I took while on my walk to work!

This week has been a tough week for me! I am excited because I am starting a blog for my friends, as well as really getting into hot yoga AND… I work full time on top of that! Life is really busy and I have a tendency to keep pushing myself harder and harder until I literally fall into bed and cannot get up again for a day, sometimes two.

This week was a bit of a friendly nudge that I can still do everything that I want, but I need to slow it down a bit. A reminder that if I don’t go to yoga for one night, then I will not lose all my flexibility in a day and that if a baking order doesn’t get done, then there is always tomorrow. Do you sometimes have those weeks as well?

When I am having a week where I am “too busy” for anything, my nutrition really slips. This is why I started making meal plans so that I didn’t resort to toast for dinner each night. ¬†And this is also why I started this blog, so that I could maybe help out some other busy people like myself, so that they can at least get the fuel that they need to “go! go! go!”

There is a grilled cheese sandwich in this meal plan, just because I really was that busy that I planned for them (and they were delicious!) So I hope you enjoy these meals and remember, when everything is getting a bit too much; take a deep breathe and remember that tomorrow is a new day.


I’m super excited as I am going out of town to spend Christmas with Alex’s family, so it will be nice. Although also very cold as we are going to Edmonton….

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Olivia xx


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Green Thai CurryGrilled Cheese



Cold Section
Bacon (3)
Cheese (3) (5)
Eggs (3)
Milk (3)


Freezer Section

Corn (3) **


Canned and Dry Goods
Canned Corn (3) **
Chicken Stock (4)
Coconut Milk (4)
Dry Yeast (1)
Fish Sauce (4)
Green Curry Paste (4)


Chicken Breasts (2)
Protein of choice for Green Thai Curry (4)


Fresh Produce
Potatoes x 2 (2)
Produce for Green Thai Curry (4)
Zucchini x 3 (2)(3)


Pantry Staples
All Purpose Flour (1)
Bread (5)
Olive Oil


Shopping List for Meal Plan Three