Meal Plan Two

This meal plan has a lot of meat based dishes, which is the polar opposite of last week. I have also included some of my “back to basics” recipes to help you on your way to learn the basics of classic dishes. From learning the basics, you can you can further grow with your cooking experiences and start to really tailor your meals to your needs.

Even though we had a lot of meat this week, I made sure that we were having an extra serving of vegetables. For me, if I eat a lot of meat, I feel heavy and a bit sluggish so if I have lots of vegetables, it counteracts the effects. I have often thought about becoming a vegetarian because of this, but the reason that I don’t is because I grew up on a sheep and cattle station and I feel it’s my birthright to support the meat industry, even if it is in a small way. I also want to add that the sheep and cattle on our farm are free range and completely grass fed! My Dad is one of the biggest animal lovers that I know, to the point where it is sometimes ridiculous (He won’t sell a cow because it’s one of his favourites) so I guess I have this niaveity that all meat is raised like that. I know it’s not the case and it makes me sad that it isn’t but I do try and be conscious of this when I buy meat.


Meal Plan Two

Meal 1Meal 2Meal 3
Cheap and Easy MealDelicious creamy risotto cheap and easy recipe
Pesto and Feta Baked EggsRisottoBurgers
Meal 4Meal 5
Easy Cheap Meal Easy and cheap meal
Pesto Chicken PastaSpaghetti and Meatballs



Cold Section
Butter (1)
Eggs (1)
Feta Cheese (1)
Option to buy frozen produce
of choice for meals.


Canned and Dry Goods

Arborio Rice (2)
Breadcrumbs (35)
Dry White Wine (2)
One jar of Pasta Sauce (5)
One jar of Pesto (1, 4)
Parmesan Cheese (2)
Thick Spaghetti (45)


1-2 Chicken Breast/s (4)
1kg Ground Beef (3, 5)

Fresh Produce
Onions (2)
Vegetables of choice to serve with meals


Pantry Staples

Dried Basil (5)
Dried Oregano (5)
Corn Starch (3, 5)
Salt and Pepper (3, 5)
Stock Powder (2)


Shopping List for Meal Plan Two