Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the products below. I just really like them and want to recommend them to other people.

Hi, remember me?

My name is Olivia and I am a nutritionist who used to write weekly posts and had a lot of cool info on my social media pages. I have been taking some time off from the site and I will say, it was much needed.

Taken on the way out to Uluru. That is Mt Conner in the background.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, months,  a crazy year!

I have traveled across Europe, taken the summer off in Canada, moved to Australia, started my own practice in Toowoomba, QLD. Needless to say, there has been a lot of change in my life lately and my routine has been disrupted regularly.

I am the first to admit that I am a creature of habit.

I thrive on having a daily routine and this is normally how I am able to stay true to my health and wellness needs. However, with all the constant moving I have been doing, it has been hard to have a routine and instead, I have just been doing the best I can. If I don’t work out, it’s ok because I will just make it a priority for the next day. If I don’t eat enough veggies, I will purposely make a huge salad for lunch to make up for it.

It’s been a hectic and healing process all at once. It really teaches you to be more forgiving of your shortfalls for the day and to remember that in the bigger picture, it doesn’t really matter as long as you keep your health.

When being so busy, I have really relied on some of my favorite apps to keep me accountable. Some of these are for health, some just for entertainment but they have been really handy along the way.

I also wanted to include some of my favorite blogs because their content really inspires me to look after myself and/or to try new recipes.

Favourite Apps

Health Related

12 Minute Athlete

This app makes me work out! It is a simple 12 minute HIIT program that you can do anywhere. There are videos on how to do the workouts, options to track your progress and really encouraging messages for when you finish your workout. I have been using it for years and would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

You do have to pay for the app and have the option for a monthly membership. I just have the simple version. To find out more, click HERE


I was a skeptic of intermittent fasting until I listened to a podcast with Joe Rogan and Dr. Rhonda Patrick about the science behind it. Since I have been a convert and this app has helped me to track my fasting times and see when I am reaching my goals. I have tried a few apps but this one was definitely the easiest to use.

To find out more about the app, click HERE


A dietitian friend of mine recommended this app years ago and although I have tried other meal tracking apps, this one is still my favorite. One of my favorite features is that you can scan barcodes to add the food to your food diary, making it easy and hassle-free. It has great visuals and extra tips about nutrition as well.

There is a paid version of this app but I just use the free version. To find out more out MyNetDiary, click HERE

My Chemical Maze

This app was designed by an Australian family who was trying to negotiate all the chemicals that are in our everyday consumables.  It is great to use when there are questionable ingredients in your products and you want to know what they are. I often use this when I am buying beauty products.

This is an app that you have to pay for but if you are worried about what chemicals are going into your body, then I highly recommend it. To find out more, click HERE

Entertainment Related


I love having millions of songs at my fingertips. I use this app for working out, traveling, chilling out, having dinner parties with friends. I use this app for all occasions. I especially love that it will customize playlists for me depending on the music that I listen to so that I can discover new bands and artists.

To find out more about Spotify, click HERE

Please note that I do pay a monthly subscription to use this product.

Apple Podcast App

It is no secret that I love podcasts.  When traveling, I would often be on long bus trips so podcasts were my go-to to pass the time. I have an Apple phone so I use this app. It used to be awful to use but Apple have upgraded it and it is a lot more user-friendly now.

To find out more, click HERE

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

One day I will be able to play guitar like Tash Sultana. Ok…. I can dream but seriously, I really do want to be able to play guitar well. This app helps me to find songs to play, it gives basic lessons and it helps me track my progress by giving me the option to take videos of myself playing. This is an app that I paid for but I think there is a free version as well.

To find out more info, click HERE


My Favourite Websites

Green Kitchen Stories

I usually end up drooling when looking through this website. The recipes are all vegetarian and are well tested so you get a perfect meal every time! Plus I love how David and Luise let you into their lives and you get to see their kids grow up.

12 Minute Athlete

Yes, the app comes with a website that makes you feel like a badass! Krista posts weekly with recipes, workout tips and ways to stay motivated when everything seems to be getting too tough.

Nat Kringoudis

Nat is all about helping women to get healthy (like me!) and I really love her content on hormones, fertility, and healthy recipes. She has short courses on thyroid conditions, PCOS, and many others. I have bought a few of her courses and have really loved going back to them to keep my own knowledge fresh.

Elle Fit Active

This young woman is so inspiring with all the things that she has achieved. I really love going to her site for inspiration and motivation to get some stretching done. I also own her “Get Bendy” program and really love the simplicity of it as it helps me to limber up in the mornings. Apart from her website, Elle’s Instagram is amazing. She is a complete goof (in a good way) and her Insta-stories really showcase her beautiful personality.


Because I am a nerd! Quora is a site where people ask questions and get them answered by professionals and amateurs alike. Some questions are weird and some really make you think. Be warned, it does suck you in and you can be reading for a long time. To check out Quora, go HERE

I hope you find these apps and websites as handy as I do.
Let me know your favorites in the comments section below.
Olivia Louise Taylor