What does meal planning mean to you?

For me, it’s a way to organise meals but also save money ad increase the amount of vegetable that I eat. Overall, it’s my tool in ensure that I am staying healthy and looking after myself.

I started this space because every week, I do a grocery list for my boyfriend and I. Sounds simple enough but the difference is that I plan out all our meals on this grocery list. We plan our week around it and the pleasant by-product from it is that we don’t spend much on take away food, we have hardly any food waste and we stay healthy.

It sounds simple but so many people that I know struggle with what to eat, what to cook and budgeting for food.


This blog started as a response for anyone who doesn’t know what to cook for dinner. It started as a meal planning blog but with my knowledge in nutrition, I realized that it was only part of the big picture surrounding nutrition. People didn’t want to have someone else give them a meal plan, they wanted to be given the tools so that they could do it for themselves.


People want to the tools to be able to make their own informed decisions about their health. 


To find out more about meal planning and eating healthy, make sure to check out my article, “The Most Important Step for a Healthier Life.” 


Have a great day,