Do you feel unsure about your food choices?

Do you want to eat healthy but have no idea what that is anymore?

Would your life be better if you weren’t bloated all the time? 


I have been there! And these were the constant worries that I had before I decided to become a nutritionist.

Let me take you back to when I was 18 years old. I had finished high school and  I was taking a year off to work and travel before starting university.

Yet, there were a few things that were always bringing me down…

  1. I wasn’t skinny enough! How could I ever be successful if I was chubby?
  2. I was trying to eat well but honestly had no idea.
  3. When I did eat, it resulted in bloating and I just felt fat.


The turning point for me is when I went to see a naturopath and realized that food was something so much more than a thing that goes in your mouth!


This was a revelation to me and through his guidance, I started eating a balanced diet that took away my fears of eating, I wasn’t bloated anymore and I was losing weight while eating twice as much as I usually did. But it wasn’t just about food. He taught me about gut bacteria and fermented foods, how the mind affects the body and soon I was hooked! I wanted to learn more about nutrition and help other people to feel just as good as me!


I enrolled myself into university and started my studies as a nutritionist in 2008.


4 years later, I was a bit over the nutritional studies. My idea of being a nutritionist clashed with the ‘clinical’ ideas of nutrition and I was pretty lost with where I wanted to be. I wanted to heal people but my only option seemed to be in hospitals and I really didn’t want to do that.


I took some time off. I travelled, I worked different jobs but there was always something there, waiting to be let out. The desire to help people feel good about their food choices, to make women feel good in their skin and to take away the constant guilt that seems to be happening with nutrition and food nowadays. I also wanted to make people more conscientious about their food choices and how they affect the environment.


From the time that I first learned about nutrition, up until now, it has allowed me to experience so much! I now know that good nutrition doesn’t start with food but with the mind, and a strong resolve to nourish ourselves. Exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym! You can do it anywhere and the more fun you have with it, the better you feel! And the Earth is such a precious place and our generation is capable of taking care of it by just taking small steps each day.


But most importantly, I want to help you feel as good as I do!


To help you feel good about yourself and not beat yourself up because you ate a cupcake. I want you to look at yourself and love the person that you see in the mirror! And I want to empower you to feel confident that your food choices are just what you and the planet needs.

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So I leave you with my mantra; Be Kind, Be Brave and Be Forever Curious.


Be Kind to yourself and to others.

Be Brave and challenge yourself to not let fear hold you back.

Be Forever Curious. There is a great big world out there so keep your eyes wide open and never stop learning.


Have a great week,

Olivia Louise Taylor






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